Worlds Richest Poker Players

Since the WSOP started in the 1970’s, poker has been attracting higher stakes, richer prize pools and massive payouts.  So, with all this high-stakes gambling going on, who are the top five poker earners?

1. Daniel Negreanu – £8,647,475

Canadian born Negreanu was 21 when he dropped out of college and moved to Las Vegas to play poker.  Winning two World Poker Finals, three WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles has made him the richest man in poker today.

2. Phil Ivey – £8,409,577

Ivey, from New Jersey, took the poker world by storm in 2000 and at 23 has already won three WSOP bracelets and established himself as one of the game’s greats.  Phil’s biggest ever win came when he finished seventh in the 2009 WSOP, taking home £858,862 in winnings.

3. Jamie Gold – £7,476,892

Jamie Gold comes from Malibu, California and became one of the biggest earners in poker when he took the 2006 WSOP championship and prize money of £7,339.056.  Although not quite regaining those heights since, Gold has continued to regularly cash in at live tournaments.

4. Erik Siedel – £7,146,110

Siedel started his professional gambling career playing backgammon, before he discovered the joy of poker.  In 1988 he finished second in the WSOP in a hand featured in the film ‘Rounders’.  Siedel has seven bracelets to his name and is a well-established character at live poker tournaments.

5. Peter Eastgate – £6,925,791

Danish poker professional, Eastgate, became the youngest WSOP winner when he took the title in 2008.  Although making steady money over the next two years he promptly announced his retirement from professional poker in 2010, aged just 25.

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