Types of Football Betting

Many people make bets every day, and thanks to the popularity of the beautiful game, football betting is one of the most popular betting choices. Bookmakers have responded to the demand for football bets by coming up with a number of unique bet types that make the most of the rules of football, enabling fans to focus on the aspects of the game that interest them the most.

The two most basic types are of course full time predictions and correct score predictions. These offer the easiest to understand bets, based simply on which team will win (or if there will be a draw), and with what score, and are a great choice for beginner gamblers. Once the punter has gained confidence with basic betting, there are some more complex types of bet that can be made. The first is the football accumulator, which is actually simpler than it sounds. Simply string together several full time result bets and you have a football accumulator – every prediction has to be correct for the bet to pay out, but of course the winnings will be much higher. Think carefully about which matches to choose when playing a football accumulator.

Similar to the full time prediction is the normal time bet – this is a bet predicting the result at the 90-minute mark, excluding whatever happens in any extra time, including penalties. Try an over/under goal bet if a correct score prediction seems too demanding. This simply predicts the total number of goals scored by both teams, and is usually over or under 2.5 goals.

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